Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sir Edmund Hillary and life rings

Moored at Tamworth Cruising Club when we went past recently was nb Sir Edmund Hillary. This appears to be a fibreglass superstructure on a steel hull. Jim Shead's website doesn't seem to list the boat under this name.

The centre section of the cabin looks like it slides back - and is there a steering position here as well as at the back?

Seeing this reminds me that there is currently no life ring on Jubilee - perhaps I should get one.


Andy said...

I remembered reading about this boat and have found the thread at which suggests that there is a centre steering position. Also I think it is on Jim Shead's site, but misspelt with only 1 l in Hillary

Halfie said...

Thanks Andy, that's an interesting thread.

Roger Smith said...

The Frobishers are also mentioned in this interesting site.

Along with a lot of other interesting early boats.

Halfie said...

Roger, thanks. I read the whole thing - fascinating!