Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hiding from the birds

On Saturday, after I'd finished swapping over the batteries, we cruised along to the winding hole just below Curdworth Bottom Lock, winded, and tied up. We walked up to the Dog and Doublet pub for a quick drink - and played a "identify the logo" game on Ally's iPhone.

In the morning Jan and I walked the few yards to a hide (above) overlooking the flooded gravel pits which now comprise Kingsbury Water Park. A pair of binoculars would have been useful - I could just about make out a swan!

If I didn't see many birds I certainly heard them. The dawn chorus came through loud and clear while I was lying in bed. I think I fell asleep trying to distinguish the species.


Adam said...

That's a nice spot -- although it always seems odd to have a motorway running through the middle of a nature reserve!

Halfie said...

Motorway noise drowned out by birdsong!