Friday, 25 May 2012

First major problem on Jubilee

We arrived at the boat at 6.30pm today. After loading up and a cup of tea (it was a hot drive from Norfolk to Fazeley) I did the usual engine checks and went to start the engine.

Ignition stage one: lights on the control panel and buzzer sounding. All as per normal.

Ignition stage two: turn to glow plugs on - oh dear. Everything died. Nothing. No lights, no buzzer. Oops.

I checked the battery conections, the isolator switch, all other relevant connections I could find. All seemed sound. Was it a fuse? I looked for a fuse. No fuse (that I could see). Did the bilge pump still work? This is powered directly from the engine battery so this should confirm that the battery was still alive. Yes, the bilge pump worked. I checked the battery voltage anyway: 12.6V.

What next?

I turned to Canal World Discussion Forums and posted a plea for help.

In a matter of a few minues I had had several replies, all suggesting checking various connections. One suggested a multiway connector. There is one by the control panel, so I reseated it - but still no joy.

And then I found that there is another multiway connector near the engine. When I brushed against this the buzzer sprang back into life! I had deliberately left the ignition switch in its first position so I would know when I found the dodgy connection. (So that's what the buzzer is for!)

I exercised the connector, and now the ignition consistently comes on - and the glow plugs warm up when required too. I didn't select ignition stage three - power starter motor - as by this time it was nearly 10 pm. But I'm confident that tomorrow it will start.

We had planned to get three hours under our belt this evening, but now we'll have to do a long day tomorrow if we're to get to our daughter's house by Bridge 5 of the Stratford Canal. Perhaps we'll call it a day in central Birmingham.

Sorry there are no photos with this post.


Bruce in Sanity said...

It's a famous problem with the Beta. Good dodge is to tie a cable tie round the plug (parallel to the cables) to hold it together.



belle said...

I am losing count of the quirks and work rounds which exist on WB! Currently on the river in Worcester being gently rocked by dozens of rowers.

No Direction said...

Last year our Beta started to cut out when reverse was selected, the gear cable was flexing and touching the block connector behind the intrument panel.

Halfie said...

Just to be clear (and I don't think I stated as such in my post, though I did on the Canalworld Forum) my engine is an Isuzu.