Sunday, 6 May 2012

A long weekend on Jubilee

This is what boating should be like (sometimes). We came up to Jubilee on Friday afternoon (after a 1300 finish at work for me, having started at 0400) and didn't go anywhere. On Saturday we didn't go anywhere either, until 5.30pm. But we had a great time not going anywhere. It was lovely just being back on our boat again. I made a start on the jobs: the biggest of which on Saturday was the batteries. I replaced the five domestic batteries with the three new ones provided, leaving two of the old ones in the housing but unconnected (to stop the others sliding about.

I'll provide photos when I get home (I find it much easier on the Mac).

Ally joined us on Saturday afternoon. When I'd finished the battery job (I'd estimated an hour - it actually took more like four hours) we pootled along to Curdworth Bottom Lock on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. We winded and tied up, then walked up to the Dog and Doublet pub.

On Sunday morning, after a look at a bird hide nearby, we went back to Fazeley and went to our "hosts'" church. We're now tied up at Amington on the Coventry Canal. Today's job has been the creation of a step to stand on while steering. Again, photos will come later.


Neil Corbett said...

I reckon the 4 to 1 ratio of time estimated to time actually needed is about right for most boat jobs. Glad you enjoyed going nowhere. We do too.


Captain Ahab said...

We invested out weekend in a trip to Dimmingsdale Lock - weather was better than predicted.
PS That Bottle of Sloe Gin still has your name on it!

Halfie said...

Andy, I hadn't forgotten - it's just a case of meeting up, isn't it?