Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Norwich artist Chedgey

More than 15 years ago I looked round an art exhibition in Norwich and was impressed by the work of a local artist known as Chedgey. So impressed was I that my parents commissioned him to paint a portrait of our family.

Here's the result. It's huge, by the way, and hangs over the stairs. We've all changed somewhat since then: I've lost my moustache and beard, and my hair has, inexplicably, changed colour. The background is Menai Bridge with Snowdonia behind, taken from a photo I took some years earlier.

Why am I writing about this now? I bumped into Chedgey in The Forum in Norwich last week. I was looking at an artwork there, this rather gory one called 'The making of "I could be an EXCELLENT surgeon" by Chedgey and Grant Ley', when I realised the artist was standing beside it. I was amazed when he remembered me!

I asked him if I could photograph him. Here he is, with another of his works, 'Self portrait as a hero of the Soviet Revolution'. (There's a fascinating story of how Chedgey was elevated to the status of "Hero", and had a 30' statue erected in Gdansk in his honour.)

Another view of the self portrait:


Anonymous said...

I was not expecting to see that! What year was it? Looking forward to hearing the story of the artist.


Halfie said...

H.S., the portrait was painted in 1997. I'll include the story in a later post.