Sunday, 27 May 2012

Birmingham to Bridge 5 on the Stratford Canal

A short post this evening as I am whacked (again). From entertaining, not boating!

We left Holliday Wharf just after 8.00 this morning and continued down the Worcester and Birmingham Canal through Edgbaston and Bournville to King's Norton Junction. Here we turned left onto the Stratford Canal and tied up at Bridge 5, the nearest point to Ally and Ben's house. They were waiting for us at the bridge to take us to their church, after which we went back to the house for lunch.

Then into Ally and Ben's car we loaded up some of their stuff which they wouldn't be taking on the boat, and drove to Fazeley to transfer Jan and the stuff to our car for Jan to drive home.

By the time we got back to the house we were all hungry again, so we took a casserole (which had been cooking while we were driving) to the boat, where Ally was showing two of their friends round. We enjoyed the meal; the friends left; Ally and Ben left; and now it's nearly 11pm! My first chance to relax (since this morning's 2 1/2 hour cruise) and it's bed time!

So, yes, Jan has returned home leaving me in charge of the boat for a week. But I don't suppose I'll be going far: there are jobs to do on Ally and Ben's house.

Photos tomorrow (computer willing) - I promise!

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