Friday, 1 July 2016

Visitors and visiting

We stayed in Ellesmere today and welcomed fellow BCFers Nick and Heather for lunch. They were founder members of the Boaters' Christian Fellowship having responded to the letter from the Dilnots in Waterways World 21 years ago. They now live near Oswestry and no longer have their boat, but we are grateful that they have retained their membership of BCF and continue to support it.

Halfie, Jan, Heather, Nick
I was bowled over when Nick presented me with two items which had been gathering dust in his garage since selling the boat: a Type ES klaxon and a chimney chain. I've been polishing the chimney decoration and it's coming up a treat.

We explored Ellesmere a bit more; after tea we visited a friend whose boat we recognised from last year. Helen invited us aboard for a drink and a chat - it was good to catch up.

Returning to Jubilee I took this late evening (2200) photo of boats on the Ellesmere Arm from the junction towpath bridge.

It's all calm and quiet outside now; we've again had a good dose of showers interspersed with sunshine. Not quite cold enough to light the fire, but it was a close run thing. Oh - I swept the chimney this morning; hardly any soot came out.

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