Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Head to head in the narrows at LLangollen

As forecast, we treated ourselves to a trip on the LLangollen Railway today. It is a splendid piece of preserved line, running alongside the River Dee ten miles from LLangollen to Corwen.

Interestingly, the loco doesn't run around the train at Corwen but pushes it back to the previous station, Carrog, and then runs around. Here it is at Carrog.

The twisty track goes through delightful scenery and offers plenty of opportunities for photos.

Back at the canal ... we were forewarned that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the busiest as it's half-way through hirers' weeks. Here an ABC hire boat meets a day boat in the narrows east of Bridge 45.

The day boat gave way (correctly, as the current was pushing the hire boat forward). Everyone seems to be enjoying the spectacle.

As our time was up we winded at the entrance to the basin and retraced our steps to just before the open lift bridge, the other side of the next narrows. This isn't far from the end of the paid-for 48 hour moorings. Here is our view: Castell Dinas Bran, the 13th century ruins on top of the hill.

After tea we cycled back to Bridge 45 and walked up the hill. It's only a mile, but it's quite steep. Well worth it for the views - as well as the exercise, of course!

Can you spot the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct framed by the arch?

Here it is, striding across the valley, nicely lit by the evening sun.

Looking in a different direction here's LLangollen town centre, on the left; the white object towards the right is the site of the LLangollen International Eisteddfod.

When we got back down the hill we cycled along the towpath to be right outside the Eisteddfod pavilion and listened to a bit of Carmen as the sun was setting. During the Toreador song the feed to the PA speakers was cut, but you could still hear the performance through the pavilion, but not as clearly.

It's a hire boat hell haven here now. This Canaltime boat is moored on the services point. Another hire boat was barbecuing in a disposable barbecue on top of the slide (at least it wasn't the gas locker).

Fun and games. We didn't really want to leave, but our time was up. And we'd been bashed at least twice - who knows how many other times when we were playing trains? We're still a bit exposed to novice steerers at this mooring, but we'll move on to the safety of Trefor Basin tomorrow.

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