Thursday, 7 July 2016

Towpath choir rehearsal

We can't stay away from LLangollen. Having moved the boat to Trefor yesterday afternoon we all cycled back along the towpath to the town for the second free lunchtime concert in the church. This was given by another young Californian choir who were very good, especially in the diction department.

We checked out the programme for tomorrow and decided to make it an Eisteddfod day. We'll be up early and get to the booking office by 0830 in order to buy tickets for the day.

As David and I cycled along the towpath to the Chain Bridge we came across a choir doing some last minute rehearsing by Bridge 46. As you do.

By the way, all the bridges from Trefor to LLangollen have been given a "W" suffix reminiscent of the locks on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. Presumably these "W"s are to signify that this is the western extremity of the LLangollen Canal.

Then we saw the horse drawn trip boat ...

... and the horse nibbling a few leaves as the boat was "turned round" at the furthest point of its trip. It's actually just the rudder which is dragged along the edge of the canal from one end to the other; the tow rope is positioned on a different part of the roof too.

BAck at the boat we decided to move it nearer the Eisteddfod site so we can cycle to the event in the morning. We're now tied up back at the lift bridge, just a few minutes away by bike.

After tea David and I cycled to the spot on the towpath outside the pavilion and listened to the last half hour of Bryn Terfel's concert. Well worth it.

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