Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Crewe railway station promotes canals

The pair of Bywater Hotel Boats temporarily blocked the canal this morning as they pushed the butty across to let their guests off.

Then they moved a few boat lengths along to tie up not far in front of us.

Ally and Josiah were getting the train to Crewe to see us today, so we made the short (one stop) journey to Crewe from Nantwich Station in order to meet them off their train.

I was interested to see the railway company recognising the importance of canals.

The poster reads "90 minutes to London, 15 minutes to countryside, canals and traditional market towns."

We walked into the town centre, had lunch at the Wetherspoon's and walked to Queen's Park. On the way was a metal "treatment" facility with an unusually good viewing point from the pavement. It was the end of the road for this poor Renault Scenic.

After it had been squashed into a rather less aerodynamic form by the crusher it managed to retain its number plate and its "Scenic" badge.

But the main point of today was to spend time with Ally and Josiah. Here he's having his first ride on a swing.

It has been slightly cooler today; but without the threatened thunderstorms. Tonight looks like being more comfortable too.

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