Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Boat unloading on the Manchester Ship Canal

As we were within the precincts of the National Waterways Museum we spent almost the whole day looking round. First we went to pay our admission fees which covered our mooring last night. Unfortunately I was unable to find a way of getting the Tesco Clubcard voucher scheme to work for us; the only option seemed to be post rather than e-mail.

It's sad seeing so many boats sunk in the basin, but I suppose the timbers are better off in the water if there's no money for full restoration.

The snake emerging from Merak's porthole is presumably a pump outlet.

I saw a boat, Wes Finja, being unloaded on the Manchester Ship Canal.

We walked into Ellesmere Port town centre later on. I say "town centre" but either it's just a long line of run down shops or we missed it. In a side street was this building dedicated to "manual instruction".

In what, I wonder?

In the evening we were picked up by our friends Phil and Penny and transported to the Bunbury Arms in Stoak for a very enjoyable meal. Then we returned to the boat for some of Jan's excellent tiffin.

It was good to see you, P+P, do come again!

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