Thursday, 28 July 2016

Bunbury bubbles

The rain seemed to have stopped by 1030 so we set off. It started raining again. Oh well, I had waterproofs. Unfortunately my shorts got wet before I put overtrousers on.

We stopped at Tattenhall Marina for some diesel. We couldn't hold out until Wheaton Aston as we were down to about six litres in the tank, and nothing in the jerry can. Shadow was moored here for a while; it was windy then and it was windy today. Reversing onto the fuel pontoon was interesting. There were two boats already there so I tried to put Jubilee in front of one of them. As soon as I lined up to reverse in the wind pushed the bow round. I managed to get in by using a steel bollard - there for the purpose - to pivot around.

We shared all the remaining locks, initially with an Anderson hire boat and then with a private boat. Ascending the Bunbury staircase pair an oncoming boat arrived unfortunately too late for us to do the "Bunbury Shuffle" (three boat version). As the top lock get close to being full there was a large amount of bubbling coming from in front of the lock gates.

As we passed below Hurleston Reservoir I spotted a long line of seagulls perching on the fence. Each seems to have its own space. I particularly like the one in the centre standing on one leg.

We tied up in Nantwich and got a takeaway curry from Indian Ocean. Half tonight, half tomorrow.

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