Monday, 25 July 2016

Super loo!

We're now up and running again with our computer, thanks to a new screen fitted by Chester Repair Centre. The £89 it cost seemed a lot but it's less than a new laptop and it was done in one hour. Thank you all who made suggestions and offered courier services etc.

Now I can post photos here are some from yesterday to start with. Recent comments on Erin Mae's blog came to mind when I visited the facilities in Christ Church on Sunday morning. The loo is as old as the Victorian church building and is the sort you see in museums.

On the wall was a certificate to show that it is twinned with a latrine in Burundi.

Before the service started proper coffee and croissants were on offer - very civilised! We had a quick guided tour of some of the many interesting things in the building, including a reredos from Oberammergau.

This is just a GV of the interior after the service.

I mentioned Brook Street Café, where we had Sunday lunch; then we entered the rocky cutting leading to Northgate Locks.

The lock chambers themselves are partially hewn out of the rock. Almost impossible to imagine how it was all done by hand.

And so we jump to today. The computer repair delayed our leaving Chester; we arrived in Ellesmere Port just after the National Waterways Museum had closed. Initially we winded and tied up on the visitor moorings outside the museum area, but after having a word with someone still in the shop we ascertained that we could go down the locks and still be able to get out by foot with a BW key. This was necessary because we were due to be picked up by Jane and given a meal at her house back in the Chester area.

Cuddington is the largest boat we've tied up next to in a long time.

When Jane dropped us back at the museum I took this twilight photo.

Tomorrow we'll have to buy our museum entrance tickets, then we'll have a good look round. We must explore some of the Manchester Ship Canal too, plus the town itself.

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