Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A celebration at Trefor

Jan said she wanted more potatoes, so this morning we cycled back to LLangollen from our mooring. It wasn't far, only about half a mile to the wharf. I then cycled on to the Co-op while Jan walked. Before going to the shop we though we'd have a quick look round St. Collen's Church nearby. We are very glad we did, as there was a choir rehearsing for a performance in half an hour at 1300. Conveniently opposite the church is Keith's Plaice, yes, you guessed it, a fish and chip shop. This one had been recommended to us, so we asked for two small fish and chips and got two ordinary fish and chips. He misheard my order, but charged us for the small ones anyway. The fish was good, and the chips weren't bad either (for chip shop chips).

We gobbled down the food and took our seats in the church with two minutes to go. The first choir was the one we had seen rehearsing. They were very, very good. Coro San Benildo had come over from the Philippines and comprised 23 young singers and an energetic conductor, Lorenzo C. Gealogo. The numbers they performed - all unaccompanied except for a ukelele-type instrument in one song - were faultlessly together and sung with obvious enjoyment.

This is them during rehearsal.

It was a slight pity that they were on first, as the second choir, college students from California, were good too, but had an impossibly brilliant act to follow. (The Americans were all dressed in Tudor-style costumes for no reason we could understand.)

After this unexpected lunchtime concert we returned to the boat and headed for Trefor where we were going to meet up with Jan's friend Jane and her friend Kate, and my brother, David.

While waiting for them to arrive I came across this couple on the footbridge celebrating their son's recent achievement at joining the Royal Marines.

After tea for five on the boat we all went to the Telford pub to watch the second half of the footie: Wales v Portugal.

Most of the crowd in the pub were Kiwis on a boating holiday (three boats between them).

Got to go now as David needs this table for a bed ...

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