Thursday, 30 June 2016

Pigeons galore

We had another look round Whitchurch this morning. I spent a long time in the antiques centre in the old Baptist chapel. I didn't buy anything. Back at the boat we set towards Ellesmere. We didn't get very far, though, as I spotted that the boat that had been moored in front of us was sporting a BCF sticker. We carried on reversing to the winding hole, winded and reversed back to our original mooring. We chatted to Graham and Pat of Rambling Rose and invited them on Jubilee for coffee. Graham told us some very funny stories of things which had happened to him in his former working life. It was good to meet you both.

Graham, Jan, Pat
When we did get going we encountered a couple of showers, but nothing as heavy as we have now become used to this summer.

On the way was this barn with lots of pigeons.

The sign reads "Canal Side Lofts"

This reminds me. In Newcastle-under-Lyme we saw two trailers of racing pigeon cages. I don't know if Canal Side Lofts house racing pigeons.

We reached Ellesmere at about 1930 and squeezed into a 55' 6" space in the arm. (Jubilee is 55' long.) A local tipped us off about the Red Lion as being the place to eat. He was right; we had a good meal there. Excellent chips.

There seems to be just about enough signal for me to blog, so here it is.

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