Monday, 13 June 2016

Ash hazard?

Along the 48 hour moorings in Braunston are these signs declaring that ash is harmful and shouldn't be dumped in the hedgerow.

I don't tip ash into the canal, of course, but it's news to me that it's environmentally unfriendly. I would dig it into my garden at home, so what's the harm to a hedge? As long as it is cold, naturally.


Caroline and Martin said...

Coal ash contains arsenic as well as other heavy metals many of them toxic. wood ash on the other hand can be a natural source of potassium, depending on what the wood is, and its age, but it's best mixed with other materials or added to a compost heap in small amounts.

Halfie said...

Thanks Caroline and Martin. So ash should be bagged and binned, then. It appears that not many people do this.