Saturday, 4 June 2016

How is it I've not noticed this bridge before?

We set off quite early this morning. As in before 0900. We got down the three Hillmorton Locks fairly quickly as there were boats coming up. We didn't stop until we got to Rugby, where we tied up on the towpath side. After a trip to Tesco and lunch on board we walked into town.

Somehow we'd not used the direct footpath before. This is a continuation of the path to Tesco and leads to an eye-catching bridge over the railway.

I say "eye-catching", but it hadn't caught mine before. As we walked across I asked a lad coming towards us how long the bridge had been there. He said that it was there when he was a child and he was now 23. Some time, in other words. Gratifyingly it is just possible to see the tracks over the parapet.

En route here we passed Warwick. No, not the town, but the boat.

Colourful, isn't it?

And I was too late to get a photo of Alcor approaching us on our mooring, but I took this one as it passed.

Looks like a nice conversion, keeping some hold and extending the cabin.

When we got back from Rugby Paul from Waterway Routes came to say hello. He had tied up a couple of boats away and is on his way to the Wey.

We'll probably go to church in Brownsover in the morning.

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