Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Measuring lock use at Grindley Brook

More rain today. I forgot to mention yesterday that I lit the fire in the evening, and I wasn't the only one. As we had suggested to David that he might like to join us at Whitchurch we set off in the rain. There was a lot of water coming down the canal as seen here at Grindley Brook.

Some lock entries were interesting!

At this lock, Grindley Brook No. 5, was what appeared to be a bird box on a short post.

But closer inspection revealed it to house a counter, presumably measuring lock use.

Close-up of the counter.

We were able to go straight up the staircase; the lockies said that it had been quiet up to that point. The staircase locks are well kept, with plenty of flowers. The rain had even stopped by this stage.

We went through New Mills Lift Bridge to the winding hole - I didn't fancy attempting the sharp left to the Whitchurch Arm in the strong wind - winded and entered the arm, tying up at the end. Look: blue sky!

We had tea, then walked into the town along the line of the canal. Earlier, during the rain, we stopped at Willeymoor Lock Tavern for an early hot lunch.

Unlike last night at Wrenbury we have a signal here at Whitchurch, but some future blog posts might be delayed. We'll see how good the Three coverage is as we get nearer Wales.

The fire was not lit tonight, but I was on the verge of lighting it this morning. It would be nice if the weather could turn a bit more summery.

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