Sunday, 5 June 2016

Curious blue marks on the towpath

We walked to Christ Church in Brownsover for their 1030 service this morning. It's a newish building, only about 25 years old, in the middle of a large housing estate. During the lively service the curate, Steve Gold, talked about the new town being built on the site of the former radio masts at Hillmorton and the opportunity for "mission" it presents.

The new town, of 6,000 houses, is to be called Houlton. The developer seems to be keen to build "community" into the town, and Steve and his family hope to be moving in to the very first house, the vicarage, completed at the end of this year. Closed to the vicarage is planned a Church of England primary school with a hall that has the potential to be used for worship.

Walking back to the boat we saw that Maffi had arrived on the moorings, so the three of us went for a good lunch at the Harvester pub. The waitress couldn't believe that we didn't know about the "free" (and "unlimited") salad that you help yourself to with each meal. Needless to say, I piled my bowl high with some of all the different salad items.

I got the waitress to take a photo of us.

Yes, I should have switched on the flash.

We all went back to Jubilee for a cup of tea; Maffi proved very capable of splicing a rope for me. I then discovered that what I had thought was one rope was, in fact, two. Maffi took the other one back to his boat to splice there.

After a late tea (I was still full from lunch!) Jan and I went for a walk to Rugby Wharf, then along a cycle path to the railway bridge and back to the boat. Along the towpath north of our mooring were several markings sprayed in blue paint on the grass. Some were short lines, normal to the bank; others enclosed studs as in this photo:

That might be a bit difficult to see for anyone with blue/green colour blindness!

One last photo from today is of a boat moored on the short arm leading to Rugby Wharf. Yes, it has an interesting name.

One for my friend Philip from home.

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