Saturday, 18 June 2016

Do cows' feet get hot?

Having waited long enough at Rugeley for our postal votes not to materialise, we did a last bit of shopping and moved on at last. The next stop was an hour away at The Taft, home of Peter and Julie. They very kindly invited us to join them for lunch, which we did. When we left we tooktheir work-away help Isla (sp?) with us up to Great Haywood. She had not been on a narrowboat before.

At Hoo Mill Lock it was back to just the two of us.

A little further on some cattle were demonstrating the shallowness of the canal.

We tied up in Stone; contemplated the Crown of India for a curry and ended up in the Wetherspoon's for a mixed grill. It was still daylight when we returned to the boat, and we had spotted one 48 hour mooring above Star Lock so we came up through the lock and nabbed it. This will be more convenient for church in the morning (the service is at 0915 - ouch!).

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