Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Narrowboat windows with condensation outlets

When drying off the condensation from Jubilee's windows I noticed that the drips ran down the glass, collected in a channel, and drained to the outside. Now, you might be saying to yourself, "Where has Halfie been? Did he not know about self-draining windows?" Well, I didn't know.

And they work! I spent a good hour cleaning the channels (and filing off the burrs made by the drilling of the holes) and now they work even better. The above photo is of the inside of the window, looking down on the channel before cleaning. The hole is in the centre of the side of the channel.

This is from the outside. It was a matter of moments to poke a wire through the hole to dislodge any muck and keep the drain clear.

If condensation runs down the windows it should find its way to the outside, hence avoiding staining or even rotting the woodwork.

What will happen when it freezes? I imagine that regular wiping down of the windows (and airing the boat) will be required.

The rectangular windows are Caldwells windows - I expect the portholes are too.

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