Friday, 12 October 2012

New (to me) canal blogs

After a comment on one of my posts recently, I discovered a couple of interesting canal blogs.

One is Skippy's Random Ramblings (subtitled The Random Thoughts of a Geek in Limbo). The comment Skippy made was on my recent post about solar panels on boats. He referred me to his research on this. There's lots more geeky stuff here, and an awful lot of computer stuff, most of which I don't understand. But the electronics I can relate to.

Linked to from Skippy's blog is that of Miss Inexperience, aka b0atg1rl. The title of the blog gives you an indication of what to expect. Do have a look. Start at the bottom (oldest post) and work up. She writes very well, refers to herself in the third person, and is very funny. I hope she won't mind if I copy a small section here, to give you an idea.

The last stretch of the Kennet through Reading is extremely fast flowing and, as it passes through the city centre, narrows to approximately half the width above and below. There is also a low arched bridge, with a pub garden next to it and it is a sunny day. Miss Inexperience misjudges the flow, in full view of an almost overflowing beer garden, hits the bridge; losing in the process the handlebars to her bike (if it hadn’t been locked to the roof the chances are she’d have lost the whole thing) and the gas ventilator. Those in the pub garden cheered. If you are ever in a position to cheer at this kind of accident, please don’t. Miss Inexperience lost her ability to have a shower that day. Not to mention the cost of repairing the bike.

Her account of the problem with the shower pump is hilarious - but poor b0atg1rl! And has she stopped her boat sinking?


B0atG1rl said...

I haven't sunk as yet :)

Thank you for the mention, it's always nice to know people are actually reading.

Val Poore said...

I think I'll have to go have a looksee. I'm always ready for a bit of self deprecating humour!

Val Poore said...

Well, I tried to comment on Miss E's blog, but she has some impressive security there and it seems I don't have permission to comment without jumping through far too many hoops, so I'll do it here. Very funny and refreshing as you say, Halfie. I enjoyed the posts I managed to read.

Skippy said...

I have poked the blogs on JV and removed some of the security; I will look for a better solution.

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