Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A clock for Jubilee

At last! I've found a nice brass clock for Jubilee.

The face is 5" diameter, and the clock is 2.5" deep. It's far superior to the brass clock which Clas Ohlson sells (I bought one but had to take it and its replacement back as they were both faulty). This "new" one came from an amazing second-hand emporium in Magdalen Street in Norwich for a very reasonable sum. The place is home to 60 different sellers, each with their own collection of stuff. There are cabinets of tiny things to rooms of furniture. It would be easy to spend a whole day in there and not see half of it. Fortunately for Jan - and my pocket - it's a bit of a walk from work so I don't get there that often!

I don't suppose Ally and Ben will allow me to install the clock - theirs is a minimalist approach to boat life - so I'll probably have to look after it at home until we get the boat back.

I know there's already a nice wooden clock on the wall in the saloon, but Shadow has a brass clock which seems to suit its surroundings well. Now, what shall I do with the wooden one?

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