Monday, 15 October 2012

Arcangel - I get it now!

Half-an-hour north of Bridge 79 on the north Oxford Canal we passed nb Arcangel. Each time I've gone past this boat until now I've said to myself, "Ha ha - the signwriter's made a boo-boo and left the "H" out."

But no! How could I have been so slow? The name is a pun on the profession of the owner. Bim (Stephen) Simcoe advertises that he does marine engineering and welding services.

That'll be arc welding, then?

The board on the cabin top indicates that he's also a Boat Safety Scheme Examiner. (Still three+ years before I need his - or another examiner's - services.)

I'm led to believe Arcangel is a converted day boat.

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No Direction said...

He also runs the shop at Whilton bottom lock.