Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why the shower tray took a long time to empty

One of the jobs I tackled on Jubilee today was to investigate why the shower tray was reluctant to drain into its sump. If you're of a nervous disposition you might like to look away now!

It was easy to prise off the top of the drain... and then I pulled out wodge after yukky wodge of a disgusting gelatinous hairy gunk.

No wonder the flow was sluggish!

You might not want to click on this photo!

What a combination: long hair (definitely not mine) and shower gel/shampoo!

Needless to say, it all works a lot better now it's cleaned up.

I wonder how long it will be before it has to be done again!


No Direction said...

This is a job for one of the crew, not the captain.

Kevin said...

YUCK! So glad I wasn't having breakfast while reading this!! LOL

Halfie said...

I did give a warning!

Andrew said...

I think you need a finer grill on the top to stop it getting that far.
Do a search for "Sink strainers bath basin plug hole filter drains hair trap waste filter"

Halfie said...

Andrew, you're right. I have already suggested the same to Ally and Ben.

Paul said...

Alternatively, full body shave for all - or not lol.

Nicky said...

we used to get this problem at home the culprit was hair gel when it was washed out do either off them use that