Monday, 29 October 2012

Webasto diesel heating timer made and installed on narrowboat Jubilee

Today, while Jan and Ally went for a walk, I installed the timer for the Webasto diesel heater on Jubilee. First I unscrewed the switch to see which wires to connect to.

Having noted the colours (red and black) I then found where they appeared by the Webasto electrics panel and stripped a little of the insulation from each wire. The next photo shows the panel before I did anything.

I soldered the mains lead to the relay's coil connections (don't worry - it's a mains-actuated relay) and soldered a couple of short wires to the appropriate switched contacts. These I soldered to the red and black wires.

Then I set the plug-in mains timer for a sensible time and plugged it in. Now the relay contacts are in parallel with the switch, so either will operate the heater.

We'll see (hear) in the morning whether it works!

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