Monday, 22 October 2012

Fog on the South Downs

It would have been a good view had we been able to see it.

We're spending a few days in East Sussex, in the South Downs National Park. So far the weather has been dry, mild and foggy.

Today we walked 9.5 miles, much of it in very pleasant hilly countryside, some of it along the South Downs Way.

Our boots are now white with chalk mud!

This is the house we're staying in, in Kingston near Lewes. It's on the line of Jugg's Road which runs from the South Downs Way to Lewes itself. The unusual name is something to do with the baskets carried by Brighton fishwives between that town and Lewes. Many things around here are "Jugg's" something-or-other. The pub where we ate this evening is The Juggs.

We explored lots of nice bits of Lewes, coming across the River Ouse...

... on which stands Harvey's Brewery.

You can buy lots of antiques and books in Lewes - but we'd not seen a Parking Shop before!

And, yes, it really is to do with parking.


Ian and Karen said...

Enjoy your visit to our home county. One of our favourite walks is along the river down to Newhaven, or up to Barcombe, where you can still find evidence of locks.
I worked in Lewes at the Old Grammar School for a few years.

Halfie said...

To Seaford today to see old friends, and to walk along by the Seven Sisters.