Saturday, 6 October 2012

Giant cat's eyes on Bobcat; and Australian visitors

I got a bit of a surprise at Stoke Golding on the Ashby Canal.

A giant pair of cat's eyes was staring me down as I approached.

Impressive paintwork - but what was it?

The other side reveals it to be an unusual steel locker.

The boat is Lynx Rufus aka Bobcat.

More impressive paintwork depicts said animal putting its paw out of a porthole.


We got talking to a couple of Australians in one of our favourite Indian restaurants in Norwich this evening. Greg and Hannah from Cairns, Queensland, are over here for a family reunion. It was good to meet you and chat in both the Ali and the King's Head - enjoy the rest of your stay. Perhaps you'll come back for a holiday on our wonderful canals, and see our country at its best. Greg, you'll be interested in the fitout of our boat - have a look here.

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