Monday, 8 October 2012

Strange craft on the Ashby

Just north of the Lime Kilns pub on the Ashby Canal we passed two unusual craft tied to the bank.

The one nearer the camera looks like a home-made pedalo, built out of plastic containers for floats and bicycle parts for the drive train. Not just any old bicycle though: it's a tandem. The vessel seems to be constructed sturdily - not one of your raft race lash-ups. The bike chains are now rusty and hanging off the sprockets - I wonder when it last saw action. I wonder, also, how it was steered.

Behind the paddle wheel "motor" is a tub-like "butty".

This looks rather unstable - perhaps the ballast has been removed. It appears to be made from GRP and wood, with a pointed bow stuck on one end. Someone has put a fair amount of effort into making it - I wonder how well it swims! Perhaps the same someone has just emptied rainwater out of it - how else to explain its large amount of freeboard?


Val Poore said...

Original craft that's for sure. Good t see some re-cycling going on :)

Halfie said...

Ho ho!