Thursday, 1 November 2012

Heron avoids getting trapped by shore line

While visiting Ally and Ben on Jubilee recently I noticed the local heron calmly walking along the jetty, as casually as if it were just checking up on the boats moored there. While I was fiddling with my camera, creeping outside and getting a mediocre shot, Ally grabbed her iPhone and snapped this much better one through the window.

Moments later the heron stopped at the edge and peered intently into the water. (My photo now.)

In a flash its neck unfolded and its head jabbed into the water, its body stretching behind it. But it got caught in the blue mains cable you can see looping between the pillar and the boat. There was a moment of struggle, a thrashing of water, and then - phew - the bird was free. And it had got its fish, which slipped down its long neck in two or three gulps.


Nicky said...

hi the heron is always around on either jetty one or two doesnt scare easily either

Halfie said...

Hi Nicky, yes, it did seem quite tame, and didn't fly off as soon as I opened the door for my photo!

Nicky said...

my friend has a boat at the far end of jetty 2 and ive been about 2 ft from it stomping onto the boat b4 ive realside its there