Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pink Floyd bridge in need of a little maintenance

A couple of months ago we went past the "Pink Floyd" bridge on the Oxford/Grand Union. This is what it looked like then (Sep 2012)...

... and this is it three-and-a-half years ago (Mar 2009):

Perhaps it's all stuff which will die back in the winter, but I doubt it. It's being taken over. In another three years you'll hardly be able to see the bricks in the wall.


Anonymous said...

It used to be a lot worse than that when boats were moored there,,,

Thumper said...

While on the subject of graffiti on canalside bridges, I recall (maybe thirty years ago) travelling the North Oxford near Nuneaton and seeing an old railway bridge bearing the slogan: "Geography is Everywhere". I've always thought this remarkably astute for a casual graffiti artsist!