Saturday, 3 November 2012

Scrumping squirrel

I was on the phone, looking out of the sitting room window, when I saw a squirrel run along a branch of an apple tree and return with an apple in its mouth. It then stopped, still in the tree, and proceeded to gnaw at the apple as if it were a nut. Because I was on the phone I couldn't immediately take a photo, but I managed to get one as the squirrel set off over the lawn with the apple in its mouth.

I wonder how often it does this! Perhaps this is the real reason for the poor apple harvest this year: the squirrels are pinching them all!

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Anonymous said...

That might explain the strange tooth marks on some of my apples this year..

I was very mean and picked the crop before the little B"£$%^&*( got too many!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream