Friday, 31 May 2013

Cheddington to Linslade, and an interesting way to park your car

We made a relatively early start this morning in order to be absolutely sure that we were at the right places at the right times for meeting various people.

So at 0750 I was at the helm with tea in my insulated mug, and on my way. The first obstacle was the swing bridge immediately to the north of the railway bridge. I was lining up for dealing with this single handedly when Jan appeared to make things easier. (I would have relished the challenge, though.)

What to do if you can't think of a name for your boat?

We stopped at Tesco in Linslade for more supplies, and I spotted this car parked at an interesting angle near Aldi.

Bernard didn't phone, so we carried on a mile or so to The Globe where we were due to meet up with Ruth and Edward (not Steve and Sue as I reported yesterday). As we had plenty of time I started washing the boat. A Wyvern hire boat approached, obviously looking for a mooring. As there wasn't one we invited them to breast up to us, which they did. Ruth and Edward came, and we enjoyed a catch-up chat with them. After they went we joined Maurice and Tom from the Wyvern boat for drinks at a table outside the pub. There is more I could say, but it's late.

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