Thursday, 30 May 2013

Slapton to Maffers to Cheddington

Today it didn't rain much! And that made a pleasant change. It was not a warm day, though, and I lit the fire this evening.

We saw John Wonfor off this morning, and then got going ourselves straight into Slapton Lock. We didn't stop until the middle of the Seabrook flight, when I thought it might be time for coffee I was surprised to find out that it was 1230, more like lunchtime! (I had my coffee first, anyway.)

While we were stopped I attended to the control lever which had come loose. I'll post pictures of how I did this in a later post. I also sawed up lots of pieces of pallet which Ben had provided for firewood. The well deck is much tidier now.

We got going again after lunch, and encountered a sudden downpour at the first of the Marsworth locks. At Marsworth Junction we winded and Jan investigated the Red Lion in Marsworth. The report wasn't astounding, so we carried on to Cheddington where we knew there was the Old Swan. We both ate from the two-courses-for-£14.50 menu, and we both chose the liver and bacon. It was very good.

Here are a few images from today's cruise:

lots of Sids here

Jan steering along the Grand Union


The Old Swan where we ate this evening

Tomorrow (Friday) we're heading for the Globe at Linslade where we're meeting up with Steve and Sue. Another friend might be joining us on the boat in the afternoon, so we'd better make sure it's presentable. I bought some Carnauba Wash and Wax from Aldi which I'm looking forward to trying out. Early start tomorrow methinks.

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