Friday, 24 May 2013

Great Northern Basin

Easter Cruise day 7, 7th April 2013

I'm writing this from home seven weeks later. The weather seems hardly any warmer in Norwich than that cold, cold cruise - it's only 6˚ outside! I hope it's warmer in MK as we're off to visit Ally and Ben; then Crick; then we may even go boating - hooray!

Back to the Erewash Canal. Jan, as usual, steered into the lock while I, as usual, worked her through.

At the top there was a scattering of old boats: here is Dane ...

... and here is what looks like an Admiral class with an unusual cabin extension.

I always like to go to the very end, if possible, so I winded opposite Yorkshire Rose. There wasn't a lot of space, but we got round all right, and looked for a mooring. Well, it appears that there are no visitor moorings in the basin, as much of the pedestrian access is behind locked gates (non-BW key).

A fine old BW sign explains that this is the junction of the Erewash, Nottingham and Cromford Canals. The Cromford Canal meets the Erewash end-to-end just below the lock; and the Nottingham Canal - what's left of it - joins at an acute angle. The boat Electra in the photo below is moored on the Nottingham Canal.

And here is the Nottingham Canal seen through the swing bridge across its entrance.

There are more photos to come, including some of Birdswood, the Cromford Canal's trip boat which came up through the lock while we were there.

Right, the rain has stopped so I'm off to finish loading the car. No - I spoke too soon. The appearance of sunshine fooled me. It is actually still raining.

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