Friday, 17 May 2013

Watering up; Shardlow; and a request for a bed

I'll get the cheeky request in first: we're going to Crick for the boat show next weekend. We had hoped to take Jubilee, but we can't throw Ally and Ben out for a week just so that we can stay at Crick for one night. So ... can anyone put us up on Saturday night 25th May? If not we can commute from Milton Keynes.

Easter Cruise Days 5 and 6, 5th and 6th April 2013

At the end of Day 5 we stopped at Weston Lock where we watered up before reversing to a mooring.

We looked for The Old Plough, a pub in the centre of the village according to our Nicholson's. Except that now it's a new development of houses. We didn't fancy the expensive hotel, so we ate on board.

The next day we locked down and admired the name picked out in bricks below the lock. The same thing was done at Aston Lock a mile and a half further on.

And then the entry into Shardlow, down the lock ...

... and past the amazing collection of old warehouses.

We're almost onto the Erewash! Next post, probably.


Kevin said...

The Coopers Arms in Weston-on-Trent is not that expensive Halfie. It's just a carvery with an a la carte menu as well.

Halfie said...

The Cooper's Arms - yes, that's the place. I think perhaps Jan just saw the a la carte menu. Oh well, next time...