Tuesday, 28 May 2013

To Crick and beyond

Four days with no Halfie blog post? What happened? Crick, that's what. Jan and I have been putting in at least two hours every day on the Boaters' Christian Fellowship stand in one of the marquees at the Crick Boat Show. OK, nothing like the hours which Andy and Helen have been at their Wildside Preserves stand in a nearby marquee, but we have some faint inkling of how shattered they must feel.

Oh, and "stand" is the word. I tried sitting behind the BCF table, but found that people are far more likely to ignore you if you sit. When you stand you're on their level and can much more easily talk to people walking past.

Jan (standing) at the BCF stall

Andy and Helen (standing) at their Wildside Preserves stall

Time to catch up on some sleep now, but in a future post I'll mention a few bloggers we met at the show. Meanwhile ... we have the use of Jubilee for a few days while Ally and Ben go on holiday themselves. As Ally says, some people go on holiday to a boat; they're going on holiday to a house!

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Captain Ahab said...

It was a bit knackering but great to see so many friends.