Friday, 10 May 2013

Alrewas Mill and the River Trent

Easter Cruise day 5, 5th April 2013

Here is one more picture of Alrewas before moving on: the Mill on the River Trent.

Lots of new housing has crept up on the mill, and I see that someone has hidden an old red phone box behind their garage.

I think I forgot to mention the meal we had the previous night: just along the towpath was the Jaipur Cottage Indian Restaurant. It was very good. Jan had one of her best curries there - it had the word Darjeeling in the name but we can't now remember what it was exactly. The wine was very good value, and I really enjoyed my curry. Jan was given a rose as we left: we stuck it in a beer bottle on the boat and it lasted well after we got home more than a week later.

In the morning we quickly found ourselves locking down onto the river section. All calm today. The photo is looking back to the lock.

The towpath is carried on several bridges over bits and pieces of Trent.

Despite the sunshine there was still a cold wind, and we hadn't seen the last of the snow. Photographic evidence will come later.

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Val Poore said...

It's good to see you had at least some sun on your Easter cruise, Halfie!