Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lovely morning cruise to Campbell Park

Before returning to our Easter Cruise on Shadow I'll finish off the more recent Milton Keynes outing on Jubilee.

On Monday Ben had to go to work in Central Milton Keynes, so, as the sun and the birds had woken me anyway, I got up and set off from Giffard Park at 0700. The rest of the crew were all still in bed.

This is the best time of day for cruising. The water was still, the sun was bright, the birds were singing, and I was eating my cereal while steering.

Campbell Park was only a couple of miles away, and we got there in plenty of time for Ben to cycle a mile to work. We found a mooring on the right side for CMK, by a large ornamental pond and a convenient small car park. We would use this to load the car to return home later in the day.

The heron on the far side of the pond remained motionless for so long that I thought it must be a fake. I forgot to look again later to see if it had gone.

We left Jubilee at midday. Ally and Ben took it back to the marina in the evening, having entertained visitors Jenny, Neil and Nye.

A & B enjoyed being away from the confines of the marina for a bit, and Jan and I enjoyed our mini cruise on our own boat!


Val Poore said...

Lovely to be out if only for a few hours. I hope we can do that soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, don't say that we missed you - we were at Campbell Park on Saturday.

Thinking about it, I may have seen Jubilee but didn't remember why she looked so familiar.

Ah well, another time!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Halfie said...

Sue, you didn't miss us - we didn't leave the marina until Sunday lunchtime. We were at Campbell Park on Monday.