Monday, 20 May 2013

Long Eaton: moored boats and chimneys

Easter Cruise day 6, 6th April 2013

This was the climax of our Easter Cruise. We'd not been on the Erewash Canal before, so this was a voyage of discovery for us on Shadow. The sharp left turn from the River Trent brought us immediately to Trent Lock, which we had to empty before going in.

Nicholson states that Trent Lock should be left full, so that flotsam coming down the canal will escape over the bottom gates. Fair enough, but every subsequent lock was also full, i.e. against us!

You don't see many boats like this on the canals.

I remember seeing similar-looking house boats on the Grand Union below Bull's Bridge Junction, and on the Thames.

The first couple of miles was slow going, as there were moored boats all the way to Long Eaton Lock.

Trains were a constant feature of this lower end of the Erewash, mostly freight, looping around all over the place.

We were obviously holding up our locking partners on Jack Daniels, so we let them go ahead. This was a mixed blessing for them, as this meant that they got the work of turning all the locks. By the time we got there they were either ready, or very nearly so.

There are lots of lovely old chimneys along the canal in Long Eaton. I wonder if they are all listed buildings.

This chimney had an amazing brick industrial building to match.

I don't think I'll be able to condense this trip for the blog - there's just too much to show!

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