Thursday, 23 May 2013

Arriving at Langley Mill

Easter Cruise day 7, 7th April 2013

While we were having breakfast a canoe paddled past on the still water.

After we'd been to church in Ilkeston with Alan and Hazel we set off up the Erewash for the head of navigation.

On the way I felt the boat not as responsive as usual, so I stopped and removed this lot from the prop.

For a little-used canal we picked up surprisingly little rubbish - but worse, much worse, was to come on the Leicester Section. I'll come to that in a few posts' time.

Meanwhile ... here it is. Langley Mill.

So rare was the passage of boats up here that more than one person took our photo. One towpath walker even stated that they'd never seen a moving boat on the canal before!

The top lock and the basin are hidden behind a utilitarian bridge with a rusty pipe.

There's a welcome from the Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association, and I'll post more photos later.

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