Saturday, 1 June 2013

Linslade to Milton Keynes - the end of our half-term cruise

At half-past eight we waved off Willow, the Wyvern boat which had breasted up to us last night, and set off ourselves from our mooring outside the Globe an hour or so later.

We caught up with them at the Three Locks, though, as they had been queueing for the locks. They went in with another boat, and we followed with a boat which had come up behind.

in the middle of the Three Locks

When we left the bottom lock, somehow our locking partner managed to be in front. It stayed like that at Stoke Hammond Lock a mile further on, which was unfortunate, as we were then asked to wait before turning the lock while a boat winded, But the winding hole was further away than the skipper realised. After 15 minutes we gave up waiting, turned the lock, and went down. The boat which had asked us to wait had only just arrived. He was gracious enough to apologise. And it wasn't as if there was a water shortage.

leaving the Three Locks middle lock

All this meant that we made our rendezvous at Bridge 102 bang on 1230. It's a good job we had given ourselves plenty of time. Jan's old school friend Angela and her husband Richard were waiting for us: they hopped on, and we went round the corner and tied up for lunch.

in Fenny Lock: Angela in the bow, Richard and Jan at the stern

Now we are back in MK Marina, but in a slightly different position from the one we left. The boat which was in the prime spot nearest the grass is away cruising until September and has said that Jubilee can go there. I've had to reverse in so that the mains lead will reach. This means that the water point is now something like 130 feet from the filler. Fortunately I've been buying hoses and reels, so I can rig something up for Ally and Ben. I think they will like their new, unhemmed-in, position.

Steve and Sue came to spend the evening with us. We got a delicious takeaway from the ultra-convenient Peatree Massala. I think it's even closer than the water point! It was great to see them again, and we enjoyed having Angela and Richard on board earlier in the day too.

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