Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Pollution kills fish at Stourport

On my way to join Kew last week I cycled down the Staffs and Worcs towpath from Kidderminster. Half way to Stourport I came across this scene at Oldington Bridge 10.

Two firemen were watching the water being aerated; a hose led from the canal up the bank and over the bridge. I asked what was going on. Didn't I know about the fire at the recycling plant? No, I didn't. Not until now. Apparently the plume of smoke could be seen from 40 miles away; the fire had been burning for three days and was likely too continue for another three.

Why was the water being aerated? Polluted runoff from the fire was finding its way back to the canal, with a devastating effect on the fish.

Two miles further down, at York Street Lock just above Stourport Basin, scores of dead fish were floating just below the surface of the water.

Environment Agency workers were scooping them up with a net ...

... while more aeration was carried out.

I didn't see any stoppage alerts about this. I expect it's all over now.

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Anonymous said...

Scooping dead fish out of the canal must be such a depressing job - such a sad sight.

I didn't see a stoppage notice either - I assume that the pollution wasn't harmful to boaters.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream