Sunday, 30 June 2013


Wednesday 19th June 2013

I'm still having problems with Blogger displaying photos incorrectly. The html format for the photos appears to be the same as in previous photos, so I don't know what the problem is. When I next upload photos I'll specify the "small" style and see if that works. Meanwhile you can still click on the photos to see them properly.

Back to the recent trip on Kew, then, and here's Worcester Cathedral coming into view.

The weather was seriously hotting up, and I needed some sunglasses, so, after turning onto the Worcester and Birmingham Canal I walked into town in search of a Poundland.

Mission accomplished, I returned to the boat via The Shambles.

Has anyone else had this difficulty with uploaded photos?

*Update* Adam has suggested a fix, which seems to have worked. Thanks Adam!


Adam said...

It looks to me as though the photos are displaying in "original" size. In the compose screen, click on the photo and see what size the pop up box tells you. You probably usually use "Large".

Halfie said...

Adam, thanks! I followed your suggestion and have corrected those photos. I don't know why they were wrong in the first place, as I never select "original size" when uploading. I'll have to remember to check the "compose" mode before publishing in future ...