Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'm back ... with photos

Sorry about the lack of postings recently. I've been having too much fun helping to move Kew for a week. But I'm back at home now, and able to upload a few photos.

This is Kew, seen here at Stourport Basin. It's a full size former working narrow boat built for BWB in 1959 as a "river class" butty with moveable fibreglass hold covers, the so-called blue tops.

The owner acquired the boat in 1964 and, with his wife, devoted much spare time converting it for living on. Unlike many blue top conversions they retained the fibreglass covers, building up the cabin sides and roofing over with the covers.

The steel cratch has also been kept, but the top has been painted a much brighter blue than the original covers.

I'm very grateful to David and Mary for inviting me to help with the move from Stourport to Braunston. With fellow helper Richard the four of us had a good time, coping with sun and rain, lots of locks, and some "boating incidents" - of which more later.

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Val Poore said...

Nice looking boat, Halfie! Sounds like you enjoyed the trip very much.