Sunday, 2 June 2013

An improved position in the marina

Today we went to church in Newton Longville, the village near Milton Keynes where we used to live. It was an excellent service, and Jan found herself giving an impromptu talk about the Boaters' Christian Fellowship during it! It was good to see a few people we knew from all those years ago.

We dropped off the sunglasses Sue had left on the boat last night, and she and Steve invited us to stay for lunch. That was good, too. It was strange being back at the house we used to live in (Steve and Sue bought it from us in 1990, when we moved to Norfolk).

Back at the boat it was time to pack up and do those last minute jobs. One of them was to extend the hose so that it would reach the water point. We've moved the boat one space along and turned it to face the other way so that the mains cable would reach. This meant, though, that the water tank filler point was now much further from the tap. I had already bought some more hose; now I needed to join it all together. For this I needed a male-male hose connector, which cost the exorbitant sum of £4.25 from B&Q. Annoyingly I have one of these, unused, at home. Then I washed the boat and tried to clear a blocked sink.

Jubilee's new position in MK Marina. Now Ally and Ben will be able to see grass! And trees!

We had a very good run home, where we found the runner beans tomato and courgette plants growing well. The grass was growing well too - that's a job for tomorrow.

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Val Poore said...

I can't believe I've missed so many posts, Halfie! I shall have to catch up. There are some beautiful photos among them, so tomorrow, I shall browse through them. Looks like you've got a nice spot there at MK!