Sunday, 29 January 2012

Timelapse: Wigram's Turn to Flecknoe

At last! I have transferred files from the laptop PC to the Mac, and uploaded the first of my timelapse films of our April cruise last year. (It was a laborious process: there's something wrong with my 4GB memory stick so I had to use an old 512MB one, copying one or two files at a time, unplugging from the laptop, plugging in to the Mac, etc.)

So here is the first in a series. We left Wigram's Turn Marina at just after 7 pm on Saturday 2nd April 2011, turned towards Braunston, and tied up by Bridge 103 an hour later.

For these timelapse films I set the interval between images to be shorter than most of my previous attempts. I can't now remember what the interval is - I'll look it up or work it out at some point.

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Anonymous said...

Nice, I have taken a timelapse but have yet to put it together, my computer is lacking the horsepower and it looks asif I need to upgrade.