Thursday, 19 January 2012

Netherton Tunnel ventilation shaft

When I'm cruising through a tunnel I always like to glance up at the sky through every ventilation shaft. To take a photo while on the move is quite hard as it's a sort of "blink-and-you-miss-it" thing. On my compact camera there's no time for the autofocus to work properly - it's a case of pointing in roughly the right direction, i.e. upwards, and hoping for the best. A quite good thing is that the camera doesn't get swamped in a deluge.

This is my attempt while passing through Netherton Tunnel on the BCN last April. According to the metadata the shutter speed was 1/52, hence the blurriness of the image. That, and the fact that it probably wasn't in focus!

Of course, it would be possible to "cheat" and stop the boat under a shaft so as to be able to take a bit of time over the photo, but, so far, I haven't really thought it that important.

The ventilation shafts in canal tunnels were actually construction shafts through which spoil was removed while the tunnel was being dug.


VallyP said...

Canals, tunnels, sunshine. It all looks too lovely from where I'm sitting in a gale force wind in Zeeland.

Halfie said...

Looks good to me too! That was April, this is January - wet and breezy here too!