Saturday, 28 January 2012

A great Humbleyard Hoofers walk

We took part in the local walking group's stroll round the UEA Broad in Norwich this morning. This is on our doorstep, and yet we'd been here only twice before. The conditions were excellent: chilly but not freezing; no wind; sunshine. We parked at the car park (free) at the entrance to the University of East Anglia, and started the walk going past Earlham Hall. Jan and I had not done this bit before -in fact, there was a lot here we didn't know about.

The low sun made the water droplets on the thorn hedge sparkle.

I like the way the water smoothes over the twig, and how the droplets hold an inverted image of the hedge.

We were never far from water.

For this portrait of Jan the sun provided the backlight, and I used flash.

I'm pleased with the photo, but Jan says she looks too serious.

I took other photos on the walk, but I think this is enough for now!

In other news ... I've finished producing the DVD copies of the village pantomime which I filmed a fortnight ago. I totted up all the hours I spent doing it: it came to 20, including filming, loading onto the computer, editing, making a DVD from it, duplicating the DVDs, making the covers for the cases, trimming the covers to fit... I'm sure most people have no idea of the time and effort involved!

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