Friday, 27 January 2012

My bid for freedom, and a clue

My bid for freedom has failed. My request to be considered for voluntary redundancy was turned down. I wasn't surprised, and so I was only mildly disappointed. I suppose it's gratifying to be wanted.

This means, of course, that any extended bouts of boating are still some time in the future. We're not giving up the boat search, though.

And so to the clue. I'm asking for identification of the tunnel to which this ventilation shaft belongs. It's not Netherton, Braunston, Blisworth, Crick or Harecastle (the guesses so far).

And the clue is ... Titchmarsh.


Neil Corbett said...

Bad luck John. You've obviously been performing too well at work. I had to resort to redesigning my section and writing my post out of the plan.

Anonymous said...

Just think how old it would make your parents feel to have a son who has retired! Still, bad luck.


Halfie said...

Neil, thankfully I am not, and never will be, in management, so I have to do what I'm told. Your scheme sounds like it was a good wheeze!

H.S., yes, well, it hasn't happened yet.

Halfie said...

Oh, and I'll put the new clue here too: the ventilation shaft is in a tunnel which isn't part of a through route.

Bill said...

It's probably Gosty Hill. Probably the one in a front garden. Nicely seen here:
Regards, Bill

Halfie said...

Bill, you're right. It is Gosty Hill Tunnel where the ventilation shaft pops up right in front of a house, dominating the small front garden.